Tribine Harvester announces the release of their new proprietary two speed reversible rotor gearbox for TRIBINE’s 38-inch rotor

2018 TRIBINE T1000 Released

After a very successful launch at the 2016 Farm Progress Show and Husker Harvest Days, Tribine Harvester today announced the release of the new and improved 2018 TRIBINE – Model T1000

TRIBINE Partnership with LORD Corporation

Darren Nelson, a TRIBINE Mechanical Engineer and farmer is working closely with LORD Corporation and answered some questions about the relationship and TRIBINE product development.

Dillon Thompson Promoted to TRIBINE Chief Engineer

Tribine is proud to announce the promotion of Dillon Thompson to the new position of Chief Engineer

TRIBINE Harvester Receives AE50 Award

TRIBINE is one of the recipients of the AE50 award for Outstanding Agricultural Machinery Innovation 2016, from The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE)


Tribine Harvester LLC today announced that their 2017 production model machines would be equipped with twin 9.0-liter Cummins engines. This running production change will boost the TRIBINE’s continuous horsepower from 590 to 650,

Compare TRIBINE to Any Other Color

TRIBINE is a new harvester architecture where every detail of the machine has been designed for greater efficiency, throughput and ease of operation. The TRIBINE far exceeds the specifications of a conventional harvester in multiple key areas.

Tribine Adjustable Rotor Vanes and Concaves

The all new Tribine is designed to give the farmer more control of the harvester. This is clear in the design and function of the worlds largest threshing and cleaning system with adjustable on the go concaves and rotor vanes.

TRIBINE Reduces Compaction

For many people looking at the Tribine in the field at the Farm Progress Show in Boone the question was ‘how does it reduce compaction?’ You first see a Tribine harvester on four large tires, harvesting and then carrying up to 1000 bushels of grain through a field. How can such a vehicle reduce compaction and help yields?

A Closer Look at the Tribine

Willie Vogt interviewed the President of Tribine Harvester, Ben Dillon, during the Farm Progress Show 2016