Adjustable Rotor Vanes and Concaves

Tribine has engineered the worlds largest threshing and cleaning system in the all new Tribine harvester. Giving the farmer full control of this system is critical, with a need for adjustability in all crop types. Here we detail the rotor vane control and the concave adjust. A unique view from inside the rotor of the vanes and concaves.

Please click on the video below for a short clip showing control of the concaves and vanes


Control the pitch of Tribine’s rotor vanes, hydraulically, from inside the cab.  The pitch is adjustable from 0 degrees (slowest) to 27 degrees (fastest).  Speed up or slow down the speed that crop passes through the rotor, ON THE GO!  Fine tune machine performance to deal with the changes in crops and conditions your operation experiences, throughout the harvest season.


Adjust all three banks of concaves with the push of a button.  Tribine’s concave adjust system achieves silky smooth operation with rock solid position retention, using a hydraulically actuated cam follower mechanism.  The system adjusts the concave clearance from the rotor from fully closed to over 2”.  When fully open, the concaves are concentric to the rotor.  As the concaves are closed, Tribine’s triple pinch point threshing becomes more pronounced for more aggressive threshing and separating.  The power of hydraulics assures that the concaves will not be “frozen” in a given position by time or by crop pressure, should you desire to change the setting.