TRIBINE Harvester engineers detail how Thomson Electrak HD actuators are used in the 2018 TRIBINE

TRIBINE testing in wheat in multiple areas in Kansas. The video shows the TRIBINE harvesting 80 bu wheat with a 40 ft head.

The all new TRIBINE was designed and assembled in Newton, Kansas. This area of the US has several advantages for production, including the availability of skilled engineers who have hands on experience in local farming operations. This area is also abundant in different crops, including corn, wheat, and soybeans. The TRIBINE has been tested locally in the different crop types, yields, and ground conditions such as terraces. This video shows recent testing in soybeans.

The field demonstrations are always spectacular and this video shows a very unique view of the TRIBINE from an aerial perspective. Video was kindly provided by Lessiter Media.

The Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa was a complete success for TRIBINE! We would like to thank the show organizers and all attendees who stopped by our booth at the show to see the first production TRIBINEs. Our team enjoyed talking with you about your farms, your challenges, and the way TRIBINE can make you money, by changing the system of how you harvest your crops.

The October 2016 field demonstrations in Burdett, KS provided another opportunity for farmers to see the TRIBINE harvesting corn in the field. The successful event enabled local farmers to get close to the TRIBINE and ask our engineers questions. The aerial footage was taken with a GoPro camera mounted to a small drone.

The all new Tribine is designed to give the farmer more control of the harvester. This is clear in the design and function of the worlds largest threshing and cleaning system with adjustable on the go concaves and rotor vanes.

For more details on the worlds largest cleaning and threshing system in the TRIBINE, see

The TRIBINE as part of a harvesting system will reduce compaction. This simulation shows a comparison of different scenarios and finds that the TRIBINE can reduce compaction in the field by removing unnecessary travel by the harvester, tractors, and grain carts. TRIBINE gives farmers the flexibility and control of when to unload. For more information see the following page and simulation video

The TRIBINE rolled out of the assembly facility for testing several weeks before the Farm Progress Show in Boone, IA and the Husker Harvest Days in Grand Island, NE. Field demonstrations and initial testing of the all new production harvester is show in wheat and corn.