Dillon Thompson Promoted to TRIBINE Chief Engineer

Tribine Harvester LLC, is proud to announce the promotion of Dillon Thompson within its Engineering staff to the new position of Chief Engineer, which positions him to lead and supervise the Engineering and Development personnel for the Newton, Kansas startup harvester company. Dillon started with the company in Oct of 2015, and since that time has proven that a good farming and harvesting background reinforced with a tremendous work ethic can cause one to be noticed and appreciated quickly.

Mr. Thompson came to Tribine from the CNH Combine Engineering group where he was narrowly focused on certain areas of a harvesting machine, but in two years with Tribine has greatly broadened he knowledge base to include the entire machine, under the continuing mentoring of long time combine expert and VP of Engineering Bob Matousek.  “We especially look for individuals that have a very strong background of working hard on a real farming operation with a sincere knowledge of what the entire farm operation experience entails, and from that intimate knowledge relate very well with the expectations our customers will have for our machines”, says Matousek.  “That customer connection and focus will take you a long way in our company, obviously, and when combined with a big capacity for hard, smart work is something we want to reward with more responsibility.”

Dillon is a product of the farming community Burdett, KS a proud community just west of Larned where he started very young to understand and assist in the dryland and irrigated farming operation that included cattle feeding and pasture.  This knowledge and hands on involvement in the day to day tasks of Agriculture prepared him to graduate with a BS in Ag Engineering from Kansas State University in 2013, and then moved “back east” to begin his combine engineering experience, and figure out why he wanted to get back to Kansas.  Tribine is quite pleased that we could lure him back, and intend that he stay with us for a long time.  We know that our customer base will get to know Dillon, and know that they can also respect and trust him just as we are doing.

Tribine Harvester moved into their new Newton, KS production facility in February 2016, with the first production unit rolling off the final assembly area in July of 2016. Designed and built in the USA the TRIBINE is the first fundamentally new “combine” to be introduced to the market since World War II.

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TRIBINE is a trademark of TRIBINE Industries. For additional information please visit the company’s web-site at: www.tribine.com, or contact us at (316) 282-8011 or email info@tribineharvester.com.