Compare TRIBINE to Any Other Color

TRIBINE is a new harvester architecture where every detail of the machine has been designed for greater efficiency, throughput and ease of operation. From the design of the dual engine system, to the world’s largest threshing and cleaning system, the TRIBINE positively affects the way farmers harvest their crops.

The TRIBINE far exceeds the specifications of a conventional harvester in multiple key areas

This is why we say “Compare TRIBINE to any other color”. Any single manufacturer, whether green / red / other, can claim an advantage in one specific area over another – but since the 1940’s there has not been a harvester that has enhanced almost every part of the machine – until the TRIBINE.

These specification improvements are not for show, they work seamlessly together to make a better harvester for the farmer

Innovation from the ground up vs. individual feature improvements have a significant impact on a farmer’s ability to increase productivity and revenue, while lowering costs.

The TRIBINE is available to farmers in 2017. Please call 316-282-8011 for more information.