Reversible Rotor Gearbox – The New Standard

Newton, KS, August 16, 2018 – Tribine Harvester today announced the release of their new proprietary rotor gearbox, which will be standard on every new TRIBINE sold to customers. This gearbox was developed by Tribine Harvester in collaboration with Bondioli and Pavesi S.p.A. of Italy.

This new two-speed gearbox provides hydraulic assist when starting the TRIBINE’s massive 38-inch rotor. Secondly, it provides the TRIBINE the ability to reverse the rotation of the rotor should it slug. Tribine Harvester is one of the few companies today that offers a reversing rotor/gearbox as standard equipment.

According to Greg Terjesen, Tribine’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing; “This new reversing gearbox is extremely robust and the most heavy-duty gearbox in the industry today”. This new gearbox is only a sample of things to come from Tribine, and according to Terjesen, “By developing proprietary components like this gearbox, it keeps our company and the TRIBINE in the forefront of technology, as we continue to listen to the Voice-of the-Market. By continuing to develop proprietary components we are further reinforcing our long-term commitment to our customers, and the combine market.”

All machines featured at the upcoming trade shows, will be equipped with this new gearbox design. Tribine Harvester is in the process of retrofitting all machines. Powered by a powerful hydraulic motor, this new design can be controlled directly from the machine’s cab. Is it any wonder why the Tribine employees are quick to say: “Compare the TRIBINE to any other color.”

Tribine Harvester moved into their Newton production facility in February 2016, with the first production unit rolling off final assembly in July of 2016. Designed and built in the USA, the TRIBINE is the first fundamentally new “combine” to be introduced to the market since the 1940’s.

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